About us

Why are we here?

The LYB Story

Love Your Butt Was Born During The Summer Of 2020...Remember 2020?! 🥴

Mama P is the type of person that loves everyone unconditionally.

Loving and welcoming as she is, she is equally loud and emphatically empowering...she wants you to know YOU are awesome. YOU can do anything. YOU are badass.

She doesn't say "see you later" or "I love you" when it's time to go. Mama P exclaims "Love Your Butt!" every time you leave her presence or get off the phone.

here's what Mama P is getting at...

Our Promise

We will spread unconditional acceptance, positivity, and self love vibes into the world.  

We will be the brand that pursues the best version of itself and empowers others to do the same.  

We will pour our hearts into each and every piece of clothing.  

We will pour our hearts into each and every one of you.  

Through all of this we will show you what it means to “Love Your Butt”

Meet the Crew


Chief Designer and Co-Founder


Chief Marketing and Co-Founder


Queen of Ambassador Relationships


Logistics Director. Hailey doesn't like pictures. (stunt double shown)

Are you Rogue?

We are. We'll be in Austin Texas

October 28-29-30

For the Rogue Invitational

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